Hospitality Educator of the Year Award 2017

Hospitality Educator of the Year Award 2017

Gary Maclean wins Hospitality Educator of the Year Award 2017

In recognition for his palpable passion and commitment to his students at the City of Glasgow College, Gary was proudly awarded Hospitality Educator of the Year 2017.

The CIS Excellence Awards is a prestigious ceremony that happens annually, this year on the 25th of May. They aim to recognize commendable contributions made within Scotland’s catering and hospitality industry.

Filled with both pride and joy, Gary accepted his award at the event which took place at the Hilton Glasgow:

“It is both humbling and a privilege to win this particular award. I see it very much as a team achievement and am delighted that the work we do with our students to ensure their future success has been recognised in this way.”

The award also recognised Gary’s ability to both inspire and encourage his students. He continually does so through his innovative and progressive approaches to teaching and learning. Gary admitted that he was surprised to be the recipient of the prestigious award. Despite his outstanding contributions as Senior Chef Lecturer at the City of Glasgow College, Gary continues to remain humbled.

Following Gary’s success on MasterChef: The Professionals Champion, he pledges to continue teaching at the college. He vows to continue to work with students on developing their skills, preparing them for a future within the industry:

“Making the final is the hardest test a chef can put themselves through and I don’t think people realise how long a journey it is. Having said that, I will definitely continue lecturing.”