Tasty Highland Treats with R&W Scott

Tasty Highland Treats with R&W Scott - Chef Gary Maclean cooking demonstration

Gary Maclean heads up Live cooking demonstration

On Friday 23rd of June, Gary headed up a live cooking demonstration with R&W Scott, showcasing their signature Jam products in a serious of tasty, sweet treats.

Gary attracted crowds of onlookers inspired by his recipes as well as those just wanting to sample his creations and some of R&W Scott’s classic jams. Gary created a delicious Carrot Cake using R&W Scott’s Recipes With a Twist Blood Orange Curd, which proved to be a great success with those lucky enough to sample it.

The showcase took place in the newly designed Tastings and Talks Theatre at the annual Royal Highland Show, which hosted a series of live demonstrations from other guest chefs and speakers as well as our Gary Maclean across the whole weekend. A great afternoon for Gary filled with fun and enjoyment.