Trip to Shetland with Brakes

Gary's Shetland Trip

Gary’s Shetland Trip with Brakes

Last week (July 3rd) Gary accompanied Brakes Scotland up to the beautiful Shetland Island, on a trip to highlight the depth and quality that Scottish products have to offer. During Gary’s Shetland trip, himself and the team from Brakes Scotland had the chance to accompany M&J Seafood and Shetland Mussels on several exciting fishing related tasks and duties, allowing them to discover the process of getting seafood from the sea bed to our plates! During Gary’s Shetland trip, he was lucky enough to observe several fishing processes. He also took part in mussel harvesting live!

Gary also then had the chance to turn their catches into three tasty meals. He had a lot of fun demonstrating his skills to teams on the island. His demonstration once again highlighted the diversity and quality of Scottish produce. This is something that both Brakes and Gary continue to show extreme commitment and value to.