Gary Visits Dalmarnock Primary School

Dalmarnock Primary School
Gary Maclean Dalmarnock Primary School

Gary visits Dalmarnock Primary School

Along with Brakes Scotland, Gary attended Dalmarnock Primary School’s Summer Club to show children and their parents how to make fresh and nutritious meals. They created carrot and coriander soup, shepherd’s pie as well as their own pizzas! The visit was part of an initiative funded by Brake’s Scotland, which aims to educate families on healthy eating and recipes.

As a father-of-five and proud family man, Gary understands the vitality of helping families that are on tight budgets this summer.

“It’s horrible to think there are kids going hungry during the school holidays,” said Gary.

“I’m a family man and I can empathise with parents who want the best for their kids when it comes to food.”

The programme aims to highlight the benefits of home cooked meals as well as highlight the value of using fresh produce in meals. Gary hopes to educate families on the importance of having a balanced diet, especially during the summer holidays when children spend more time eating at home.

“To think children are looking forward to going back to school because they are hungry is horrifying to me.

“Programmes like this need to happen everywhere in Glasgow.

“It’s all about changing the routines people are used to and getting in to the habit of preparing and cooking from fresh and healthy produce.

“People need to stop looking at cooking as a chore and look at it as a part of a healthy family life.”

“Cooking meals full of nutrition is also affordable as well.

“For example, a portion of carrot and coriander soup will cost a family 20p and for families on tight budgets – it needs to be stressed that providing healthy meals is much cheaper than buying in processed foods.”

The £500,000 summer holiday initiative, ‘Meals & More’, provides holiday clubs for school kids and their parents within Scotland. As well as teaching them how to prepare food the programme organises various activities including day trips.