Gary’s £5 Family Meals

Gary's £5 Family Meals
Gary’s £5 Family Meals

Gary’s £5 Family Meals

Our Masterchef: The Professionals Champion, Gary Maclean has teamed up with the Daily Record to provide a collection of Gary’s £5 Family Meals. Six tasty recipes will be available to collect all aimed towards busy families, and all only costing a fiver!

The six recipes focus on using fresh ingredients whilst also remaining affordable. Additionally, they may even allow or inspire you to reduce your weekly shopping bills – all the more reason to give the recipes a try! The first of the six recipes is Gary’s Peshawari chicken curry with rice, a real favourite at home with Gary’s five children. Gary wants to educate Scots on the value behind sticking to a weekly shopping list and remaining organised when planning dinners for the family.

Gary, 45, said: “I want to show people you can eat cheap by cooking the food yourself. By changing habits and ­planning in advance it’s possible to eat really well without breaking the bank.

“I’ve put together a definitive collection of recipes that ­showcase my style of cooking and how to make exciting and vibrant meals on a budget.”

Gary’s life has become a whirlwind since taking the prestigious Masterchef title. However, ensuring his children are fed home cooked meals remains extremely important to him. This means Gary also appreciates the sometimes difficult task on hand of pleasing each of his children.

He said: “It’s not any easier for us to be cooking five different meals than it is for anyone else.

“Our children range from 21 to three, and what works for us is making a large one-pot dish to serve at the table. The kids can go back for more and I find it takes a lot of the stress out of cooking.

“The recipes I’ve created are geared towards being served up and letting folk help themselves.

“We are in a society where we don’t put enough time into thinking about what we’re eating. Most people come home from work, open the fridge and ask themselves, ‘What’s for dinner?’

“If you’re working all day, the last thing you want is to start cooking. Planning is key.

“If you make a shopping list and stick to it, you’ll save money.”

Gary’s second recipe was Italian sausage, pea and parsley risotto. Keeping checking back to The Daily Record to collect all six recipes.

2 thoughts on “Gary’s £5 Family Meals

  1. Betsy Reply

    Hi Gary
    I saw you for the first time on BBC Landward cooking the Mull venison and am really inspired by your love of local food. I’ve missed the £5 family feast recipes with The Sunday Mail. Where can I find them and other recipes online you want to share with us?

    • Gary MacChef Post authorReply

      Hi Betsy

      I have just emailed you the recipes, sorry as I have just found this message.

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